Y’all fried Gwyneth for talkin’ outta her ass, well now how about B? Heavy promotion right now for Dreamgirls, amid speculation that she’s bitter about all the attention being heaped on co-star, breakout Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce denied the gossip, claiming she had nothing but respect for Jennifer and that her ego could handle the critical disparity. Oh really? Don’t know about you but if you saw the two of them on Oprah, if you saw B’s face frozen in a smile and her jaw clenching every time Opes lost her sh-t over Hudson, you probably wouldn’t be so inclined to believe her. Still, Beyonce insists she has a bigger soul, if not a bigger ass. "Because I"m a star they just automatically assume that I"m not humble enough to sit down and take a back seat, which I am. I mean,I wish I could"ve gained 20 pounds and played Effie. Oh. Snap. Riiiight. She’s not jealous AT ALL. Source