Oh this is good. For us, I mean. And for Jennifer Hudson too. But definitely NOT for Beyonce. Hee. On the heels of her GG nomination yesterday, USA Today has come out with their review of Dreamgirls. Not surprisingly, they’ve declared Hudson the “heart and soul” of the picture even though many were insulted when the studio pushed B for Best Actress, leaving Jennifer in the supporting category. More on that in a minute. First of all, there is no way Beyonce will even come close. And there is even less way now that critics have called her a “vapid” actress and “the weakest link”. Again. Hee. Sure, sure. She says there’s no rivalry, and she might say she doesn’t care, but at the risk of repeating myself, all that tightness in her jaw when they were on Oprah indicates otherwise. As does her continually snarky comments about weight gain to play Effie and the fact that she’s “already a star” and needs no further accolades to validate her career. Bitch…please. That Golden Globe carpet is going to be stone frickin’ cold. As for the question of where to nominate Jennifer – I think it was a calculated move by the studio. Though deserving of a proper placement in the Best Actress category, pushing Hudson up there gives her absolutely no chance. Against Meryl? And Mirren? And Dame Judi Dench? Ummm…not likely. But the Academy IS likely to award newcomers in the Supporting slots. Think Mira Sorvino and Marisa Tomei and Juliette Binoche too. Especially Juliette Binoche – her win was one of the most unexpected in years. Lauren Bacall practically pre-taped her acceptance speech! Anyway, just something to consider. We’ll see how things shake out. And if things go the way the analysts are predicting, when the nominations are read in January, you will not hear B but you will definitely hear Hudson. Source via Source