Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth have started promotion for Mockingjay 2, the end of The Hunger Games. All three were with Josh Horowitz for an MTV interview around the “campfire”. And, of course, because it’s Jennifer Lawrence, part of the conversation became about their most disgusting habits. Well, no, it started with Josh Hutcherson’s most disgusting habit. Which I totally agree with because I hate spit and I hate seeing it gather in the corner of people’s mouths, and he makes spit bubbles sometimes when he’s just, I don’t know, not talking, and then he demonstrates and it is indeed really disgusting.

Then it’s Jennifer’s turn. And she says she doesn’t wash her hands after she goes to the washroom. So... maybe don’t go for dinner at her place? Also she pees in the sink. This though is actually not the crudest detail from the discussion. Her crudest moment comes during a spontaneous moment – don’t they all? – when she holds her fingers up to Liam Hemsworth and he backs away and she’s like, “Does it smell like your mom?”

I apologise. Because I laughed. Really hard. And it’s not right. It wasn’t respectful. But… this is the kind of sh-t I talk with my friends in private, in safe company. And this is one of the reasons why Jennifer Lawrence can feel so real. She’s on camera. It’s a proper interview. And she either forgets or she makes you think she forgets and she’s just there, messing around with her people, having a really good time. If you think it’s option B though, that all of it is calculated, sh-t, she does it better than almost everyone else.