BAFTA Worst: Jennifer Lawrence

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 14, 2011 01:25:45 February 14, 2011 01:25:45

Cut off her head and, well, wouldn’t you expect that it was Blake Lively wearing this dress? Maybe Blake Lively wouldn’t have worn that choker. So 90s. But you get the idea, right? There’s so much titty action happening here, and I’m not sure Jennifer Lawrence means to be the titty action kind of girl, Mystique notwithstanding. I suppose, given that she’s moving through awards season for Winter’s Bone, and in Winter’s Bone she was hidden under heavy coats and boots, that it’s understandable to want to show that she can be pretty and sexy. But she also has the rare opportunity to be able to do what so many actresses her age can’t – and that is to be recognised for talent before her appearance. It’s so much harder in that order, you know?

There’s also some significant thinnification happening with Lawrence here. To see a comparison with what she looked like in October click here. You can see it in the arms. And she wasn’t big before. Quite the opposite, actually. I suppose though, when you’re surrounded by girls who are so little, and you are so young, and that f-cking town is so f-cked, it’ll happen. And it’s happening to her.

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