As you’ve heard me say a lot lately, Jennifer Lawrence is the current frontrunner for Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. You’re seeing it this weekend, right? This is a very strong year in film. Your list is probably longer this year than it has been in a while. But right now, Silver Linings is the one people seem...evangelical about. They admire Argo but they ADORE Silver Linings. It’s become almost personal for them. Which is the magic they look for in these projects, non? But it’s amazing how this race has developed. When The Weinstein Company previewed their three major hopefuls at Cannes in May, Silver Linings seemed like an afterthought behind The Master and Django Unchained. And now, according to the Oscar experts, Silver Linings is TWC’s best chance at Best Picture and, to bring it back, its best chance overall might be Jennifer Lawrence.

Yes, of course, there’s the Weinstein factor. But now that it’s in theatres, this is your opportunity to gauge whether or not it’s all just Harvey hype or if she really is that good. Me? I think she really is that good. This is not Ree in Winter’s Bone. Or Katniss. Or anything you’ve ever seen from her so far. Jennifer Lawrence’s range is extraordinary. Few of her peers have this range, if any. It’s why they keep calling her a phenom. She really is.

Here she is in Hawaii where Catching Fire will resume shooting next week. Her family has joined her there though for the holiday, which is sweet. Some down time then before work, and then 3 months of award season campaigning.