I don’t blame you, dude. I know you’re busy, you have a lot going on, and you have a whole lot of best-dressed lists to land on before February 24th. I don’t want you think I blame you.

But what in the holy hell is up with wearing orange dresses on the carpet that haven’t been camera-tested? In photos, the dress comes off as something I can mostly only describe as burnt coral. It’s unusual (and it doesn’t change those winking breast plates) but on TV, the dress just looks red.    

And it just wasn’t that good a dress in the first place – certainly not good enough to warrant being dress twins with Marion Cotillard. Now, her dress looks more authentically orange in photos (but again, not on the TV) and I liked the length very much once I saw the whole thing, but…

Two orange dresses and two metallic belts, both from Dior Haute Couture? It’s a little unfortunate, and a little short sighted on someone’s part, you know? 

But then once our eyes adjusted to the dress and the night started to happen it was as it all should have been. The movie’s only good, but Jennifer Lawrence is spectacular in it, and how about that speech?   First of all I want you all to shut it about the Meryl “dig”. It was a quote from The First Wives Club. And if you think she hasn’t already paid her respects over and over – and if you think the big talents haven’t distinguished her from the pack of her peers – you’re dreaming. Lawrence is the real deal, and generally speaking, those types get adopted early.

But in case you weren’t sure, she’s all “Oh look at me drop a Harvey Weinstein joke about how I know he has a shady reputation” and she did it well and she didn’t stumble. She basically won the entire night right there. 

So I am hoping that was the dress miss, the one they all have in the season, and that we can go safely forward from this point in time. Camera-test your stuff, women.