That’s two nights this week that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have been out together in LA. Click here for a refresher of their date at La Dolce Vita earlier two nights ago.

Last night it was Chateau Marmont. E! News reports they were out with his friends and, naturally, they all loved her. Chris was rubbing Jennifer’s back. And sometimes they would hold hands. According to witnesses, they seemed very comfortable and relaxed together, with none of the awkwardness of a new relationship. And she was “gregarious and confident” making the two of them the “centre of attention”.

Oh. Is that how it is with him now? Since when did he stop minding?

Apparently Robert Pattinson was there too and at one point, he and Jennifer walked past each other but did not stop to say hello. I guess I’m supposed to make a thing out of this but… I dunno… Jennifer’s down with organic but not chemical, you know? It doesn’t surprise me.

In other Jennifer Lawrence news, the trailer for Serena with Bradley Cooper has just been released. They filmed this movie two years ago. Have you read the book? I’ve read the book and I remember the book and I’m still kind of confused about what’s happening here. Serena is a formidable, complicated, even controversial female character. Cinematically, female characters like this don’t come around very often. Remember Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood? I read Serena and saw There Will Be Blood within 18 months of each other. Not to say that Serena and Plainview are exactly the same, but there are attributes in common – some of the more interesting attributes, and flaws, women aren’t often allowed to have in fiction. I wonder if that’s why the film still doesn’t have a US release date.

Originally I’d heard that they’d wanted Angelina Jolie to play the spectacularly provocative Serena. When that didn’t work out, Jennifer Lawrence stepped in. And if the film delivers, there’s no reason why she won’t be up for yet another nomination. But, back to the trailer now, either they don’t know how to market it or they don’t know what they’re marketing.