Because, on fashion, they were both sh-t at the Golden Globes. Click here and here to revisit Jennifer Lawrence’s weird red gown and Jessica Chastain’s terrible, terrible sea foam.

For Jessica it was red McQueen. As you know, red is never my favourite, and certainly never on a red carpet. Red, red, red everywhere, it’s a red clash. And McQueen or not, something about the fabric here isn’t quite doing it. Is it the way it never seems to lie flat...anywhere? And the creases at the hip? And the two seams coming down around her stomach that give the illusion of a pouch? All of that.

But at least her dress didn’t fall apart. Which is what happened to Jennifer’s Dior as she tore it on her way up to the stage to collect her award. Is it taffeta? Whatever it is is not particularly interesting -- a filler dress in preparation for a bigger occasion, and that would be the Oscars, of course.

Does it mean she’s now the favourite? I’m still not convinced. And besides, as the Chastain team was stealthily pointing out even BEFORE the show started last night, SAG members did not get Zero Dark Thirty screeners in time so Lawrence was actually supposed to win last night anyway. (Source)

But it may not be either one of them...

As I’ve been noting for weeks, for many Academy voters, both Lawrence and Chastain may be way too new to support, and that certainly leaves room for veterans -- Naomi Watts, for example, and Emmanuelle Riva, definitely. Oscar expert Tariq Khan has in fact predicted it will be Riva -- click here to read his five reasons -- and in such an unpredictable season, when momentum shifts all the time, that could very well be your upset. Among the five names in the Best Actress category, the only mega mega longshot here is Hushpuppy.