From North Carolina and the set of The Hunger Games – here are Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Willow Shields, and author Suzanne Collins continuing production on the film. Good. Because with a March release date, and some work to be done in post, I feel like it may have been getting a little tight.


I’m not going to dwell on this because I’m sure eventually it’s going to be fine but I don’t know why Katniss is dressed like she waits tables at a diner. Whatever. It’ll all work out. Even Josh Hutcherson, errrm, as Peeta, it’ll somehow all work out.

How will it? I don’t know, it’s a mystery!

(I’m telling you, Shakespeare in Love is GROSSLY underrated.)

No but Hutcherson, he really needs to bring it. Because the way Liam Hemsworth is looking as Gale, with his dark hair and his tallness, I’m going to have a hard time rooting for the little guy. Literally.

Favourite photo: Jennifer Lawrence smiling at Willow Shields who plays Prim. That looks very, very right, doesn’t it?