Jennifer Lawrence: Brewing Oscar Backlash

Duana Posted by Duana at March 3, 2014 16:47:41 March 3, 2014 16:47:41

It’s starting. Oooh, is it starting?

When Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the red carpet in red, a colour she’d worn at the Oscars before, people sighed on Twitter.  When she tripped, like she did last year, people snarked, “Oh, here we go again”. 

It’s begun.

When she did her interview with ABC and was asked about her dress, as she has been each and every time she has shown up at one of these things, and someone quite rightly said “Is it Dior?” she went "Ya think?

And I rolled my eyes. I didn’t want to, but I did. And then, when she came out onstage, nattering all “What are you looking at?”, everyone else rolled their eyes. It does seem a little bit like America’s Sweetheart is growing tired of her role, waving and smiling, and is finding slightly more abrasive ways to be a goofball. We said it last year – that as she was so buoyed up, she was going to have to come down at some point. But it took just about until now. 

Will she be happy to pass the literal and figurative torch to Lupita Nyong’o for a while, or will she reinvent herself when the Mockingjay press tour comes around so we love her again?

Incidentally, I realized how fragmented the shots I’ve seen of her dress were. When I look at it in an actual proper shot, which is few and far between, I have to admit that it fits her like a dream and that she’s wearing that haircut like little Cinderella birds came and cut it for her. I’m still charmed... but  let’s wait to see what a second act looks like. If she can still pull stuff like this:

...Then she’ll transition just fine.

Oh, and we’ll also pay attention to whether Nicholas Hoult is with her.  He was there during the Oscar telecast and looked mildly terrified whenever the front row action came too close to them but the Vanity Fair pictures show her alone. Maybe he was inside getting into some In N Out while she changed into this mosaic dress thing. Maybe?

FameFlynet Pictures, WENN

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