The new cover of Entertainment Weekly -- Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin as Katniss and Finnick in Catching Fire with a still from the movie on the inside. How you doing? You OK with that?

The shot from the film is better, I guess, but whatever it is that’s happening on the front page really isn’t working for me. In fact, it might even be gross. Him in particular with his soap opera-80s pop star hair and the way he’s posing, never mind how cheesy it all looks but... they’re giving him really wide hips, mothering hips not seen since Robert Pattinson.

Again, how you doing? You OK?

I mean, there’s no need to Twi-Hard panic over a magazine cover that could easily be blamed on someone not closely involved in production -- if you’re very very good at talking yourself out of things -- but, yeah, I do have some concerns. Finnick is now a concern. Maybe they’ll give us a trailer and all of this will go away. Give us a trailer then, come on. Make this go away. Make this cover, and those hips!, go away.

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