In incredibly meaningless and frivolous news today, the internet’s pretend best friends, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, are writing a movie together. Make no mistake, their friendship is real, as JLaw says they were “creatively made for each other” and that writing a screenplay with Schumer has been the “most fun experience” of her life. It’s the rest of us who are pretending, imagining a less cruel world where we could all be best friends, eating cookies in bed while watching cheesy movies, farting, and laughing about it, together. Because everything is horrible and imagining what kind of fun conversations we could have with Amy Schumer and JLaw provides some relief from the unrelenting nightmare world in which we live.

What is the movie about? Sisters. Do we know anything else about it? No. Will it be a comedy? Presumably. Is comedy just a construct we cling to when faced with the undeniable horror of human existence? Most assuredly. Does any of this matter? No. Does ANYTHING matter? Still no. So why even bother? Because, to paraphrase Stanley Kubrick, we have to make our own light. Will everything be okay? I don’t know.

Click here to read Jennifer Lawrence tell the New York Times about writing with Amy Schumer.