Oh for f-ck’s sake.

E! News reported last week that it was over between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin. They were the first to report that the two were dating. Good track record, seemed legit. Then PEOPLE, US Weekly and everyone else corroborated with their own sources.

But then Jennifer was papped driving away from Martin’s house in Malibu. And now PEOPLE is citing a source who claims that:

"They're very much together. He's very much into her and they're still seeing each other." This source also says that Jennifer “doesn’t give a sh-t” about how close Chris still is with Gwyneth Paltrow and that she thinks it’s “hilarious” that everyone is talking about them.

PEOPLE’s original source, however, the one who confirmed that they’d split insists they’re still split. So, what do we know, really? What we know for sure is that PEOPLE doesn’t know anything, although they did report that Jennifer went to Justin Timberlake and Mrs Timberlake’s Halloween party on Friday night. OK but if you have sources who are telling you about the guest list at JT’s party, can’t those same sources tell you whether or not Mrs T is pregnant? Or was that not on the source’s agenda?