Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been in Europe this week promoting Passengers. Today they’re in Berlin. Tonight they’ll be on Graham Norton in the UK. And then it’s a final push to Christmas for the next two weeks before things start slowwwwwing down for the holiday break. Question about this: how much does your internet activity decrease when you’re not at work? Because even when I’m not working, I’m still online all the time, not only because it’s my job but because I can’t stay off of it. How do you not check your phone? Is it easy for you? Do I need to get a life? Obviously, yes.

Anyway, Maria posted yesterday in Smutty Social Media about Chris cropping Jen out of his Instagram photos. Here’s the latest:

How long before stupid ass Woman’s Day in Australia still tries to turn their relationship into an affair?

As for Passengers, still no reviews yet. God I’m curious about what this movie is, whether or not it’s good. I want it to be good because if it’s not good we can’t really apply the Movie Star Test. But Sarah keeps talking in riddles about how she’s not getting a good feeling. I always trust Sarah’s instincts on movies. I just don’t trust her instincts on fashion, ha. We’ve been fighting about fashion all morning. More on this in the next article.

PS. Jen looks great in this two piece outfit but… can we talk about her extensions? Why are they so bad?