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Jennifer Lawrence + Chris Pratt.

Hollywood’s current equivalent of Prom Queen and King. And they were in Vegas for CinemaCon last night to preview Passengers for theatre owners – as if they needed any convincing. I mean, really, all you have to say is Jennifer Lawrence + Chris Pratt.

Sure. It works on paper. But do they really have any chemistry?

Well, these are two people who are very good at doing their jobs, the part of the job that requires them to actively – and effectively – promote their projects. So, according to media in the audience, they brought that thing – the natural charisma that’s made both of them so popular, the most popular, going off prompter to describe the movie, bantering with each other affectionately, dual levels firing at high charm to convince people that going to see them together at Christmas will be an Event.

Passengers opens December 21 and Sony is trying to sound very optimistic about their two megastars carrying the holiday season. So will the film deliver? They’re still in post so the footage was reportedly pretty rough but, so far, response seems to be very, very positive. The visuals are expected to be spectacular. Mostly though, since it’s a love story in space, they’re saying that the chemistry between the two, that could have easily underwhelmed (hi Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp), is indeed worth the hype. We’re still 8 months away but already they’re selling the sh-t out of it.

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