Passengers, or as I like to call it, The Movie Star Survival Test, is coming out at Christmas. Now that Thanksgiving is over, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are on the hard sell, and they’ll be pushing the movie as charmingly and charismatically as they can until just before the holiday break. Last I wrote about how Passengers is a good test of the viability of the Movie Star – if it’s good. It’s been hard to tell though from the previews. But also, the movie is hard to preview. As Angie Han observed this morning, “it’s starting to look like Sony has no idea how to market this movie”. The movie is about two people on a migration spaceship who weren’t supposed to wake up for another 90 years. They hang out, fall in love, and then some crazy sh-t goes wrong. So it’s kinda Gravity and kinda Before Sunrise. And maybe Alien? That might be confusing to the audience making a decision about what to go see when they want to get away from their family on Boxing Day. So… now that we have new pictures of Jennifer and Chris in Paris, a new clip and music video have just been released for Passengers. And what they’re clearly going for here is rom-com. 

It’s a date! It’s a montage! It’s two of the most irresistible movie stars romancing each other. They’ve even worked the disaster scenes into the love narrative! Are you in?

You know what this sets up though?

Jennifer Lawrence + Chris Pratt vs Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling

And all of them vs Rogue One.

PS. I love this look on Jennifer. The star sweater over the long tutu. So good.