Look. I love Jennifer Lawrence. You know I do.


This happened in Paris at a train station. And she’s about to start heavy promotion for X-Men. And the standard, always, is Hugh Jackman. Who just doesn’t pull this kind of bullsh-t, period. Even when he’s with his kids. Not in LA, not in New York, not anywhere. Hugh is chill. They pick up on his energy. And no one has to dive into a dumpster.

I feel like she might be one move away from the dumpster for escape. So can I give her an eyeroll? A mild one since this hasn’t become a pattern… yet?

Someone sent me an email yesterday attributing her sulking to Nicholas Hoult. The reader wrote, “I don’t like her with him”. When they broke up last year, it was because he wasn’t comfortable with how she was blowing up; not because he was jealous but because he was wary about living an exposed life. Now that they’re back together, the assumption there then is that she might be feeling embarrassed about the attention when she’s with him and conflicted inside about the reality of her life and not wanting to alienate him.

Those are a lot of assumptions. And if they are accurate assumptions, my question is this: if the situations were reversed, would the man feel the same way?