Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult attended the X-Men wrap party together in Montreal – click here for a refresher. On Sunday night Hugh Jackman apparently set up a private screening for all of them to see The Butler which was the #1 movie of the weekend. Sidebar question: did that count into The Butler’s box office receipts or did the Mighty Opes send her friend Hugh a personal copy of the film?

Before taking their seats Jennifer and Nicholas hit up the concession. I love creeping on people’s concession choices. My concession choice is a bottle of water and always popcorn even if I’d just had dinner, but it has to be flavoured. My favourite shakers are ketchup and dill pickle and it tastes really good together. Jennifer seems to enjoy the blue slushie, which is fine until you get to the bottom when you have to scoop out the ice and it’s dark in the theatre and you can’t see and the straw makes the grating sound against the plastic of the cup.  Or does no one else think that far ahead.