This might give you hope, Twi-Hards. Or…never mind.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult broke up just as she was picking up momentum during award season. They were photographed out for dinner after she won. Click here for a refresher. I was optimistic. Then they were both at the MET Gala in May (click here for a refresher) and while they did not leave together, I was even more optimistic, especially since they would be in Montreal to begin work on the new X-Men movie. In Montreal, they’ve been out for dinner with friends. She’s also been seen with his family.

Now US Weekly is reporting that it happened – they’re back together. A source tells the magazine:

"They started the shoot in April as friends, and then one day they just started kissing. One thing led to another and they hooked up. All her old feelings came rushing back. Now they're fully back on."

I heard that the problem wasn’t that it wasn’t there anymore, but that Nicholas had some reservations about her fame, and how to exist inside that environment. But they’ve been largely left alone in Canada and, despite her popularity, somehow Lawrence has managed to stay contained. Is it because she knows how to navigate the system, or because her fans aren’t as deranged?

No matter. The point is it’s back ON for now. And when shooting is over..? In the fall when she moves into heavy promotion for Serena and Catching Fire? Maybe their relationship is seasonal, like snowbirds.