Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are about to wrap up their press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which means we’ll not be seeing them being cute and happy every day anymore. It’s OK though. Because now we have Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult who are about to start promoting X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Jennifer was in NYC earlier this week for a few press commitments. Then she slipped out of New York to join her boyfriend in London. Here they are having lunch together yesterday over a glass of wine and some smokes, being super cute, then leaving hand in hand. In the evening they met up with, oh, just Tom Ford. They had dinner before hitting up a members club. I love what Nicholas is wearing, in particular the short jacket that sits right at the hip. But then again, he would know, having worked with Ford on A Single Man.

We’re about to get three weeks of this before the movie opens…unless the studio decides to split up their itineraries which WOULD BE DUMB.