It’s long been rumoured that Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were dating after working together on X-Men: First Class. More on the sequel later. Though they’d been seen all cute and flirty at some award shows last year, both were able to keep their sh-t tight, and nothing more concrete was said about it until now.

On Sunday the two were photographed together, not shopping, not behind sunglasses leaving lunch, not stumbling out of a club, not touching each other on the beach in bikinis but... shooting hoops. Adorable, right?

We are less than two months out from the release of The Hunger Games. I’m waiting on a new trailer. (The old one is below.) And I’m actively trying NOT to wait on a new trailer. Or any other news. Because the expectation and the anticipation, it can be excruciating.  But I know already, I will LOVE her as Katniss.