The Mockingjay 2 panel just wrapped not too long ago at Comic-Con. The big 3 were all there – Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth. But, really, the story is Katniss. Always Katniss. Always JLaw. According to the tweets I’ve been reading, she really delivered for the fans. Which means she was the Jennifer Lawrence we’ve seen so often on promotion – a little sassy, a little crass, always relaxed, funny, with an edge when required, but never seeming ungrateful. She’s really, really good at this part of the game. It’s probably why Hollywood worships her. To back up the talent, she can sell. She can sell so well. Like, Jennifer Lawrence is never going to show up at one of these things and sulk. You can see it in the pictures. She turned it on today. Click here to read about the event. I can totally imagine her expression and hear her saying “My favourite” to the social media part. And I really want to know what it was like between her and Bill Murray, how that conversation went.

Don’t love the dress though. Don’t love a long black dress at Comic-Con. I mean, maybe, I guess if she wore flat sandals instead of those heels? Maybe you could pass this off as a summer maxi? But the way it’s styled here it’s not working for me.

PS. God Liam Hemsworth is hot.