Jennifer Lawrence went out for dinner the other night with her maybe re-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult - click here to see those pictures. Then she got on a plane and flew to New York. Last night she showed up at The Great Gatsby premiere. Lawrence did not walk the carpet but agreed to a couple of photos inside. You can see those here. She’s wearing very little makeup and, well, this is why 22 is 22. Of course you know the star of The Great Gatsby is Leonardo DiCaprio. I saw Leo and Jen the night before the Oscars in February and as I reported then he seemed to like her very much. As a little sister? Perhaps. I’ve not yet heard anything gossipy from any interaction they may have had last night but it might be worth keeping an eye on.

As for Jen’s New York schedule, she is supposedly attending the Met gala, aka the greatest night in Dress Porn, on Monday with Dior.