What an eyesore. And I don’t just mean the colour. It’s the colour and the details. The black details. That black belt. And those black shoes, made clunkier by contrast… it was all a little amateur. Which, frankly, I find rather endearing. She is the middle class girl in the movie who gets invited to the country club for the first time and doesn’t get it quite right. And you love her for it. Because why would she get it right? Would we get it right?

So no… it wasn’t the best look for young Jennifer Lawrence. What mitigates it all however is her attitude. She looked like she was having such a great time. She was respectful but didn’t take it too seriously, wasn’t trying too hard, appropriately awed without putting on airs, and you can’t dump on a girl with such a good attitude, who wasn’t wafting the scent of her own desperation all the way down the carpet. No, that would be Lea Michele.

Photos from Frazer Harrison/Jason Merritt/ AFP/Gettyimages.com