Sasha! I can’t get Jennifer Lawrence’s jumpsuit out of my head. All I want to do now is wear one ever day.  Can you find me something?  Anything?  D


I wish a designer could come up with one that doesn’t force you to get buck ass naked to take a leak, but oh well, I guess that’s the price you pay to look cute.  So D, get ready I’ve got a barrage of looks coming your way.

Just like JL you can absolutely work this look in a more formal way.  To pull that off look for something that has a bit more structure in its design.  Check out what I’m talking about here, and here.  You can also step it up a notch by looking for great fabrics and lace is always a great way to fancy things up.  If you can’t afford this stellar Emilio Pucci then check out this one by BCBG.

On the flipside you can go super duper causal with the jumpsuit.  And D, if you’re looking for the perfect airport get-up then click away here, here, here and here.

I’m a big fan of Rachel Roy and every season she features a jumpsuit in one of her collections. I’ve narrowed down a few of my picks for you here, here and here.

The suiting trend is invading fashion in a big way and of course the jumpsuit is earning its stripes as well.  Take a look here and here.

Lastly, spring is almost upon us, so to get you excited I found some sleeveless numbers that will bring your heart loads of warmth in this god damn cold.  Get clicking here, here, here, here and one more here.

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