She won the Oscar on Sunday. On Monday she went to the salon and had her hair coloured dark, almost black, presumably to resume shooting Catching Fire. See? No detail is too small in an Oscar Campaign. Even the colour of your hair. Think of the Academy voters. As I’ve written several times before, when they see her, fresh in the face, flushed with youth, blonde and sunny, she’s the precocious granddaughter. The precocious granddaughter has light hair, not black and gothy. She’s the one who jumps in their arms when she comes over on Sundays. She’s the one who plays football in the yard with her brothers and comes in and helps make the salad dressing before lunch.

Right now, in Hollywood, there is no one who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence. She was all anyone could talk about yesterday. And every time, Duana and I would check ourselves - don’t jinx her, don’t jinx her, don’t jinx her, don’t burden her with too much expectation, with all the weight of our collective fangirling. Because, well, and we’ve seen it all of us, haven’t we?, the standard is that there will be a fall; the exception is the one who doesn’t.

For now though, she’s on top, and she’s managing it very well. OK so it’s only been 24 hours. Let’s ride it out, see how long it can last.

At least another day?

Watch this below. Come on. She’s adorable.