THIS is what we’ve been waiting for all summer.

Maybe that’s why Gwyneth wanted it out there that she already has a boyfriend. Because it turns out…

Chris Martin is dating Jennifer Lawrence…!?!?

E! News has the exclusive: that they’ve been “seeing each other since late June”.

And look here – photos of the two leaving a party in London on July 1, not together but probably deliberately not together and no one suspected anything back then because Liam Hemsworth was there and people were probably too busy trying to make that happen and we hadn’t found out yet that she and Nicholas Hoult were done…and, and, and …


Well done, Chris Martin.

How do you upgrade from Gwyneth Paltrow?

With someone who’s a major box office superstar, with a superhero franchise, her own Hunger Games franchise, who won an Oscar at an age even younger than your ex-wife? I mean, I get it. Don’t you get it? Who wouldn’t get it? For him, that is.

For her? Well, he’s the lead singer of a major rock band. I get that too. I get that…for now. I get that it’s good for all of us. Good Gossip is Jennifer Lawrence over at Gwyneth’s for Thanksgiving. Jennifer Lawrence in the Hamptons, staying at Chris’s place just across the street from Gwyneth’s. Jennifer Lawrence on playdates with Apple and Moses.

God. You really can’t be the prom queen forever, can you?