I saw this on Gawker last night during my evening rounds before going to bed. Going to bed on a Jennifer Lawrence high is the best. And she continues to be the best. It happened at Comic-Con. She was leaving the carpet and Jeff Bridges was just coming onto it and, well, she kinda Twi-Harded him. Without attempting to strangle him. It’s adorable. It shows her age, 22 – spontaneous, precocious, certainly a little obnoxious, and therefore pretty real.

Let me give you some background about how this went down before you either agree or disagree or whatever. These events happen at the hotel right next to convention centre at Comic-Con. They set them up in the ballrooms upstairs. I recognise the carpet and the wallpaper. Because I’ve spent hours in there waiting for sh-t to happen. What happens is that they roll out the casts of several films one after the other. The ballrooms border an inner corridor that’s used as a waiting area/green room. They bring the talent from this VIP chamber out to the press and as soon as they can, they hustle the talent back into the secret area so that they don’t have to spend any more time with undesirables. Most of them are more than happy to get the f-ck out of there so they can hang out with themselves and be exclusive.

Since Bridges was still doing interviews, it means that Lawrence was just lingering around after her carpet, taking her time with the media, in no rush to get away from the lower class. What I’m saying then is that if she’s faking it here? Good. Her faking it meant that reporters from outlets around the world didn’t spend hours of their own time standing around for nothing. I can’t hate on that. Sorry.