Jennifer Lawrence will be at the Oscars on Sunday for her 4th nomination. She will not win. But, really, her position is probably the best one, the most fun. There’s the prestige of being invited again without the pressure of being the frontrunner, and besides, she already has one. She doesn’t need another. At least not for another many, many years.

Her biggest stress this week then will be…what parties should I go to? Also, who should I flirt with? And, hopefully, who can get me Prince Harry’s number?

Jen’s been in New York the last couple of weeks but she got a jumpstart on Oscar week – here she is in LA yesterday having lunch with a friend. This is a message for my friends, and Jacek, who may be reading: that’s the perfect denim jacket for me, please. 

Jennifer Lawrence is wearing Sunday Somewhere "Ned" sunglasses in Marble Demi.