Jennifer Lawrence had an Oscar in her hand once, at the Oscars proper, when she gave the finger to a room full of reporters. You remember that?

Like, if you have to give the finger, you might as well give it there, non? And then every other finger seems kind of underwhelming.

So can we not talk about the finger and talk instead about how she’s with Nicholas Hoult and they’re in London and they went out last night and they held hands???

#1. London > Los Angeles
#2. They’re still making it work
#3. They get to go promote their new movie together so, presumably, that means even more time
#4. A new trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past was just released this morning. Good timing.
#5. James McAvoy. Has nothing to do with this article really but there’s a lot of him in the preview and why are you complaining?

In other Jennifer Lawrence news, deleted scenes from her performance in American Hustle are now online now that the DVD is out. See Martin Scorsese? Now this is how you edit. Because this is borderline caricature. Definitely excess. And I’m still pissed I had to sit through 3 hours of that sh-t in The Wolf Of Wall Street.