Jennifer Lawrence is considered one of the favourites for Best Actress on Sunday (even though more and more momentum seems to be shifting to Emmanuelle Riva). Taking advantage of her profile going into the weekend, promotional images from two separate campaigns not related to Silver Linings Playbook have been released.

Let’s start with Catching Fire. See below -- a poster of Lawrence’s Katniss with Peeta, played by a Gatsby-ed Josh Hutcherson on the victory tour and made to look like newlyweds. I like it. I like it a lot better than the posters from The Hunger Games. And I can’t remember the details from the book so, please know-it-alls, correct me and inform, is that supposed to be the cornucopia for the 75th anniversary games?

And then there’s Miss Dior. My first reaction was that, from a fashion editorial perspective, the shots are beautiful, especially seeing her in the red lip. They have, however, stripped her of her goofy personality. this effective branding? When you think of Jennifer Lawrence, do you think gaunt and cheekbones and detached? Lawrence, while hustling for her Best Actress award, has presented herself to us as a girl without pretension. She’s coached to appear uncoached. She’s relatable. She’s accessible. She’s the girl who was, five minutes ago, wrestling with her brother, in her natural habitat -- the backyard or the basement, not a red carpet.

Is this consistent branding?

Or is branding not so restrictive that a young actress can at once be unassuming and high fashion?

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