The official poster for David O Russell’s upcoming Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence, was released today. Look up for Joy? Is that the idea here? Wasn’t my train of thought. My train of thought was that I wanted to write about Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone today and then this poster arrived in my inbox which reminded me of the time Emma looked up too – when she lipsynched All I Do Is Win on Jimmy Fallon: 

And that gave me the perfect segue to talk about Emma and Jennifer being friends and how Twitter (via Susan, thanks Susan!) told me they went out for dinner – no one knows when this happened but the photo just surfaced a few days ago.

Some people go out for dinner and tell you about it before the main course arrives, ahem, Taylor Swift. And some, like Emma and Jen, keep it undercover for as long as they can.

Back to Joy – due out at Christmas, obviously given the team history, there is an Oscar expectation, but first Jen closes out The Hunger Games with Mockingjay Part 2 in (now less) 100 days…and a special guest?

This poster was released. And then pulled back late last week. Because, um, well, see for yourself. I would have left it. You know Jennifer Lawrence too. You know she probably loved it.