Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer hung out last weekend in Atlanta with Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt. Click here for a refresher. They also hung out this weekend in New York. As you know, Amy hosted Saturday Night Live. Jen showed up at the afterparty and gave Aziz a piggyback to his car at the end of the night. Chris, by the way, didn’t travel with them. More on that later.

Jen was also in New York for work. An interview with Diane Sawyer, probably promotion for Mockingjay 2, perhaps scheduled conveniently so she could be in NYC with Amy? I like this a lot. They’ve said that they’re writing a movie together. Which means they have to make time to work, they have to travel to make the work happen – from the Hamptons to Chicago to Atlanta to New York, Jennifer’s keeping Amy’s schedule, and Amy’s keeping Jen’s schedule too.

As for this interview with Diane Sawyer…well, as Robert Downey Jr confirmed, Diane Sawyer gets to go in an interview where not many interviewers get to go. Diane Sawyer will try to ask the question. Or, at least, Diane Sawyer will not be told she can’t ask the question, the questions. What questions? I’d love it if Diane went there on the Sony hack pay discrepancy reveal when it was made public that Jennifer and Amy Adams made less on American Hustle than Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner. And the state of Hollywood diversity – if such a thing exists – overall. As the reigning Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood, headlining two major blockbuster franchises, Jennifer Lawrence is in a unique position to be able to discuss Hollywood’s approach to female-led projects and how she can contribute to the change, especially now that she’ll be (or has already been) pitching a screenplay with Amy Schumer. Oh, and of course, Diane just might the only one who can get Jennifer to talk about Chris Martin.