Duana’s Worst Dressed at the Globes: Jennifer Lawrence

Duana Posted by Duana at January 13, 2014 18:05:05 January 13, 2014 18:05:05

When we pull one of these long ones, I know I have to power through a big chunk before my attention starts to wane. When it does, and the siren song of the internet pulls me somewhere, I try to make sure it’s somewhere relevant. But that’s not always a good idea.

Like, for example, Jackie Collins is tweeting “Congratulations to Elisabeth Moss, who starred in one of my TV movies as a child.” Or “Here is a picture of Sandra Bullock who starred as her mother.” Apparently a Jackie Collins TV movie is in just about everyone’s dark past.

So as I googled I found a clip, maybe not all that articulate, but “Upworthy’d” nonetheless, from Jennifer Lawrence talking about how the media needs to take responsibility for talking sh-t about dresses and how it makes young girls feel…

With that in mind...

It’s just that you have so much potential, Jennifer!

She’s funny. She’s quoteable. She absolutely killed her role in a movie where there were already a huge bunch of fantastic performers and she makes it look effortless. She also makes cuddling under a filthy backstage duvet on David Letterman look effortless. She’s damn near Teflon.

So then…why this dress? I know, Dior. But this one?

I get that awards season is long and you need to pace yourself. That the SAG and BAFTAs and Globes are all training for the ultimate moment, and that moment is Oscar. You don’t want to put a foot wrong there. And I understand that it’s strategic for her team to alternately remind people and then have them forget that she’s only 24 years old. And STOLE that movie. Stole it.

But this dress seems like a waste of a golden opportunity. I know that Jennifer Lawrence will never again wear the searing red curves she wore at her first Oscars. I know she’ll plan every dress with a lot more thought and foresight from now on.  

But a white dress with two black bands? In what seems to be a wrinkly cotton? It kind of seems like the Ikea version of a red carpet dress – totally simple and serviceable, but best if you don’t look at the details.

The thing is, though, I totally want to look at the details. I want to look at every bit of her. Everyone’s staring at her all the time anyway – how can you look away? She’s living Lady Gaga’s dream. And so I’d love to see something if not fun, then at least daring. If not daring, then at least memorable. There’s all kinds of dress potential we haven’t tapped yet. Leave the easy white dresses for the girls who need something, who don’t have your ability to have the world follow your every move. 


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