That didn't work, did it? You groaning? Sorry.

Jennifer Lawrence was photographed in Boston yesterday on the set of Joy, her latest collaboration with David O. Russell. The last two times she worked with him she was nominated for Oscars. You think this will be three?

Well not this year. She's not a nominee and she's not a presenter. And it feels like it's been a while since we've had an Oscars without her, non?

She was there last year as a nominee and presenter. She was there the year before when she won. And she was there for Winter's Bone. And the time the Academy asked her to announce the nominations too.

We were just talking about this in makeup this morning. JLaw also feels like an Oscar perennial because when she's at the Oscars she's always one of the "moments". So she gets looped over and over again in the coverage. Someone else has to be the moment. In addition to John Travolta, that is.