The Bodyguard, by request

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 11, 2015 14:15:58 June 11, 2015 14:15:58

We open today with shots of Jennifer Lawrence and her bodyguard in New York by request from many of you who’ve come to enjoy the value he adds to her pictures. These images might be the best ones we’ve had of him to date. Even without the dog. But the dog doesn’t hurt. Look at that face. Holy sh-t that’s a face. Like a cologne ad face.

If I were walking down the street in New York, I would pick up on that face – and everything else that goes along with it – before picking up on the fact that the face is accompanying one of the biggest movie stars in the world. And I’m a gossip columnist before I’m a perv, most of the time. MOST of the time.

Just in case you ever doubted it, Jennifer Lawrence really does have it all. But here’s my next question: celebrities poach from other celebrities all the time. That’s why Taylor Swift hates Katy Perry. Because she thinks Katy poached her dancers. Would they ever poach bodyguards? Will having a really hot bodyguard, like Bond hot, become the new celebrity status symbol? You think Beyonce’s looking at this and thinking… MINE!?


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