Jennifer Lawrence is one of the co-chairs of tonight’s MET Gala. The theme is China: Through The Looking Glass. Not entirely sure how she specifically relates to that theme but whatever. She’s a big name. She’s a big draw for the event. And, given her association with Dior, I can’t imagine she’ll be wearing anything but Dior…as “inspired” by Chinese culture?

Oftentimes MET Gala attendees don’t bother with the theme at all. You remember the year of “Punk”? Some of them came in classic ball gowns with no punk flavour. And were criticised for it. This time though, I mean … I’m nervous and excited. Because, well, what if someone shows up with chopsticks in their hair? Would you rather they come in a pretty dress and not adhere to the theme or chopsticks in their hair with ching-chong eye makeup?

Here’s Jennifer with a great tan out last night with Lorde ahead of tonight’s event. I feel like her hair grew long really quickly. Will Chris Martin be there? Sneak in through a side door? For what it’s worth, he was with Gwyneth in LA yesterday – click here to see the pictures.