Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Letterman last night. It was a great interview. 20 years old and she laid down an awesome interview on Letterman that earned her a kiss on the hand. Well done.

She’s poised but she’s not, like, overly produced and automatic. She’s not Taylor Lautner, she’s not Dakota Fanning, she’s not from Disney, there’s personality there, and a lot of wit, and a brain – quick, funny, confident, but not cocky, incredibly sexy… and you can tell, Dave was charmed.

Also, she doesn’t look hungry. That’s a really nice body, with some curves, lean but not bony, and yeah, right now I actually do believe it – that she does eat philly steak sandwiches. Maybe not every day, but the indulging happens more often than not. Good. Please don’t change.

As for whether or not I’m having an easier time seeing her as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games – physically it’s not there yet. The personality though – that edge, the sass, the duplicity…totally. She can be all of it. And that’s also her advantage over Hailee Steinfeld who so many were rooting for. Hailee is PRECOCIOUS, yes. But she’s definitely not complicated. At 14, it’s too much to ask to be complicated. Understandable why they went older. This interview made me so much more optimistic about Lawrence than that photo of her on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Photos from and Richie Buxo/Asadorian-Mejia/