Naomi Watts isn’t just popular among the actors and throughout the industry -- click here and here for previous articles about why Naomi Watts should not be considered an underdog in the Best Actress Oscar race. There are probably a lot of Twi-Hards who’ll be hoping for Naomi Watts, or Jessica Chastain, on February 24th. This, of course, is because Jennifer Lawrence, at just 22, just received her 2nd Best Actress nomination. And Kristen Stewart has none.

Fans, fans, fans...

Kristen deserves better. Don’t you think she’d be happy for Jen? And don’t you think she’d be sad to know you’re calling her friend a fat-ass? Kristen’s time will come for sure. For now though, for now it’s Jennifer Lawrence getting a big bump in momentum over Jessica Chastain as Silver Linings Playbook has emerged as Lincoln’s most likely challenger with 9 nominations, and one in every acting category, plus Best Director, where Kathryn Bigelow is rejected. This, to me, is foolish. For me, straight up and head to head, while I enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook, a lot, Zero Dark Thirty is infinitely superior. And more substantial. But that torture controversy seems to be hurting it, and besides, you can imagine how SLP would appeal to those old pale dudes in Palm Springs.

Think of the scene at the house after the football game when Jennifer’s character unloads a long ass speech in DeNiro’s face, dropping stats and attitude. They’re watching Jennifer Lawrence and seeing their precocious granddaughters. That’s the kind of sh-t old people find really, really adorable. You can’t fight that with an intelligence anti-terrorist bitch who wears pants. You do fight that however with a mother caught in a natural disaster who cries a lot and it’s a true story of a white family (which was originally an Hispanic family) that got really lucky which, you now, is always a bonus.

Here’s Lawrence at the PCAs last night where she won a couple of awards including Favourite Face Of Heroism...

And this is exactly why the PCAs don’t really matter. Because of these random ass categories. Next year they’ll find a way to create a category called Favourite Superhero of The Avengers Who Isn’t American, just so they can get Chris Hemsworth to come.

I’ve attached Jen’s speech below. But she really is irresistible, non? If she’s faking it, she’s doing the best job ever because God it feels real and I like her so much.