Despite how hard we’ve been wishing it. Or maybe just me.

Here’s Nicholas Hoult out in New York yesterday with Riley Keough. They worked together on the new Mad Max movie and partied together after the MET Gala with some other Mad Max co-stars. Keough, Elvis’s granddaughter (!!!! Why don’t people care more about this? It’s ELVIS!) was engaged to Alex Pettyfer last year. Rumour has it he cheated on her. There were denials. But they don’t seem to be in a relationship anymore. Or maybe they are only no one cares enough to care. Very possible.

Anyway, a week after his dinner with Jennifer Lawrence in LA, and since they were both at the gala on Monday, there was more speculation that perhaps they were making it work again. PEOPLE asked him about it on the carpet and this was his response:

"We're friends, we're about to work on a film together, so ..."

I read that as it’s not happening, even though I really want it to be. But, as we’ve seen, interpretation is personal and, um, sometimes crazy.

After partying with Marion Cotillard -- how much do you love this? -- and reminding the world that it adores her with her SJP photobomb ...

... Jen returned to LA in her black floppy hat.

So...we can go back to wishing on her and Leo now?