If this is an act…

She totally deserves that Oscar.

It’s 20 minutes long, and I know you might not have the time to watch 20 minutes of Jennifer Lawrence, but if you do, you won’t come out the other side feeling sh-tty. That’s not to say she’s, like, Ron Burgundy or anything. But… I dunno… am I crazy for thinking she’s just… herself? Am I crazy for thinking she doesn’t overthink it? There doesn’t seem to be any sense of self-consciousness here the way there almost always is when celebrities are talking about themselves.

Obviously, since I love talking about taking sh-ts, I love that she talked about taking sh-ts. Mostly though, what stood out to me is how candid she was about the box office pressure. That’s not the prescribed answer. The prescribed answer is to say that making the movie was the reward, and that she doesn’t worry about what happens after. Instead, she acknowledged that there are Expectations. And that SHE is carrying most of them. 

You want to know how famous Rob Ford is though? Even Katniss knows Rob Ford.

Speaking of Katniss…

The reviews for Catching Fire so far – am I seeing this right? 95% on Rotten Tomatoes at post time? And many of the critics are attributing the film’s success to Lawrence’s performance. We are 9 months into her Oscar reign. By now, there should have been a backlash. And still, amazingly, she’s managed to avoid one. Not even David Letterman can resist her. As he couldn’t resist Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock 20 years before. How much longer can she ride this high?