Jennifer Lawrence covers the new issue of W Magazine. It’s a well executed interview. She doesn’t sound too old, she doesn’t sound too young, she doesn’t sound entitled, she seems like she has a sense of humour, and, like so many female stars are doing these days, she implies that she eats real food - just like you! - so as to seem more relatable, only in her case, and this is why she’s considered in the top 3 among her peers right now (along with Emma Stone and Kristen Stewart), she can do it better. All of it better: act and play the game. Lawrence doesn’t claim she eats cupcakes, Lawrence takes it a step further and reveals she double Spanxes Beyonce styles!

W: After filming X-Men, you went straight into Oscar madness. Did you have fun at the Academy Awards?
JL: It’s an honor and an overwhelming compliment, but it’s also a kind of bizarre thing. All of a sudden you’re at these parties and everybody’s famous, and you feel like a loser. By the time of the actual Oscars, I was so sick of fittings and trains and corsets and people asking “What are you going to wear?” I had to go on a diet, because at all the parties there’s champagne and hors d’oeuvres. I ate so much! I think I wore two Spanx on the night of the awards.

“A woman admitting she wears Spanx is the sartorial equivalent of saying she doesn’t employ a nanny.” (Source) It’s a savvy move, this. What’s more relatable than Spanx?

Another highlight from the article is when she namechecks Dina Lohan.

W: When you were at the Oscars, did you already know you were about to star in Hunger Games?
JL: My mom talked about Hunger Games on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, which was something I had told her a million times not to do. She’s like Dina Lohan!—but she has good taste.

Amazing, right?

But even more amazing is what those assholes might do about it. You know how they threaten lawsuits ore make statements every time someone tells the truth about them. Would Dina Lohan dare to take on Jennifer Lawrence on behalf of Lindsay Lohan? Please. Please let this happen, please, please so much.

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