David O Russell’s Joy screened in LA and NYC this weekend as Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper joined their director to promote the film and raise its award season profile. Joy’s been on the contender list for months now, because the combination of David O Russell, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper has resulted in so many previous nominations. And now that people have finally seen it? Some are calling it the finest performance of her career. So, yeah, Jennifer Lawrence is going back to the Oscars. Which will put her in the race with Brie Larson and Saoirse Ronan who’ve been leading on momentum so far.

Between Brie and Saoirse, I think it’s Saoirse. Not because she was better than Brie but because Brooklyn, the film, plays better to the Academy. Joy, with its cast and generational span, also probably plays better to the Academy. And, as we’ve seen, Jennifer Lawrence has played very well with the Academy. I’m almost hoping though that she opts out of the campaign, just so Leonardo DiCaprio can stand out there on his own, the most obviously thirsty nominee of them all.