How many times did Jennifer Lawrence win last night? A lot. I can’t find the clip but did you see Amanda Seyfried’s face when Lawrence was called up for Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook? She was only shot in profile in the background but on Video Assumption I’d call it Mega Envy. If only a proper Gossip could be in the control room directing this sh-t. I would have zoomed right in there straight up. This is Hollywood. This is why you’re watching. Not so much to find out who won -- you can read about that the next day -- but to see the reactions of the people who win and the reactions of the people who are watching the winners win. This is why the Golden Globes are so much fun, right? It’s what happens during commercial break at the tables and between them.

Right now, Jennifer Lawrence is the flavour -- just 22, already a 2 time Oscar nominee, celebrated by the critics, Harvey Weinstein’s current pet, fronting two major movie franchises, and still seeing every promising part for written for women between 20 and 35. If you’re Amanda Seyfried and company, hustling in this industry, don’t you kinda want the same? NO. Not “kinda”. You totally want the same. To say nothing of the Naomi Watts etc in the crowd, having endured almost two decades in the business, having to witness someone so young have so much.

Remember, they are actors -- fragile and self-absorbed by nature, incorrigibly insecure; it’s a fascinating anthropological study, perhaps the most absolute psychological laboratory for observation.

But on fashion?

I go Amanda over both black dresses worn by Lawrence and Watts. You?