Jennifer Lawrence was photographed on Wednesday with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult in London. They were on their way to see a show. Cute, right?

It’s been a busy stretch for Lawrence. For a long time, actually. You know about The Hunger Games. And she’s been working with Bradley Cooper on a film called Serena. And she’ll soon start shooting Catching Fire. After that it’s the X-Men: First Class sequel, if they can get their sh-t together.

On top of that of course there’s promotion for The Silver Linings Playbook, which was shot after THG, directed by David O Russell. Silver Linings is a Weinstein Company feature and advance footage for the film was presented by Harvey Weinstein in Cannes earlier this week along with Django Unchained and The Master with Harvey declaring that these are "three of the best things we've ever been associated with." Yeah, that’s typical Harvey. But given the talent he’s been working around, I’m not sure it’s total bullsh-t. Word is Lawrence’s chemistry with Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings is crazy. So crazy it led immediately to the Serena follow-up. Consider too the supporting cast featuring Jackie Weaver, Robert DeNiro, and Chris Tucker, led by O Russell who just came off The Fighter, and, well, this is how she balances it, right? She has her big ass Katniss movies and then she has her arty acclaimed ones. And remember, she’s only just 21.