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What if your best friend won an Oscar last year and was nominated for an Oscar this year and decided to take you?

For all the talk about how hard it is for celebrities to get tickets to the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence apparently took all of them! Her parents, her boyfriend, and her BFF. Please. I would too. I would ask, beg, bargain for as many as possible.

Lawrence's best friend is Laura Simpson. She's the one who was rumoured to have been set up with Bradley Cooper last year but it didn't work out because of his foot fetish -- a bullsh-t story from INTOUCH, remember that?

Anyway, Simpson has posted an amazing account of her night as Lawrence's Oscar date, with details about all the other celebrities she encountered including Brad Pitt, who smells nice, and Bill Murray, who wanted to dance with her, OMG. That obviously made her life. But the rest of it, in her words, was “exhausting”. Sort of. It’s more the creative tone she’s taken with this piece to illustrate what it’s like to be the nobody standing beside the SOMEBODY, only she’s a better writer than Lukas Haas.

I love that Lawrence was OK with her doing this. Not that she says anything controversial but still, this would not fly with many, many, many others. Lukas Haas, for example, could never. But Lawrence seems to understand not only the weirdness that has taken over life but also that of the people in her life. Holding your friends to a code of silence doesn’t exactly alleviate how surreal it is to go from equal one day to a lowly satellite the next. They need a voice too…though I’m curious, do you think it had to be approved by Lawrence’s publicist first?

You know what my favourite part is?

“…even Anne Hathaway”…

If you give Laura Simpson the benefit of the doubt, she’s expressing herself exactly the way she wants to express herself. Which means she understands the meaning of her words and has deliberately chosen them to convey a specific message.

What, then, are we supposed to read in “even Anne Hathaway”?

Click here for the full post, including a shout-out to Nicholas Hoult, my second favourite part. 

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