There have been several big movies this year. But the movie to open “in 87 foreign territories and 33,000 screens for the largest global launch” of 2015 is Mockingjay Part 2, starring Jennifer Lawrence. Right now Mockingjay 2 is projected to bring in $125 million from North American audiences and a total of $300 million worldwide. It certainly helps the case for a female superhero, non?

And then, in a week or so, after the Thanksgiving break, Jen will likely get back to work to promote another film, not officially a franchise film, but kinda sorta, considering it’s her third collaboration with David O Russell. Joy opens at Christmas. Which means she has to get out there during the early part of December to generate as much interest as possible on the off-chance that people will want to see anything other than Star Wars over the holidays.

She’s good at that, though. She’s good at getting out there, pushing for her projects. That’s the value-add when Jennifer Lawrence is attached to a feature. They get her talent and they get her sales skills. She is, right now, no doubt, the biggest Movie Star in the world, male or female. We haven’t seen anyone like this since Julia Roberts.

Professionally, then, Jennifer Lawrence is thriving. And personally?

OK! Magazine is reporting in the new issue that Jen and Liam Hemsworth are finally ready for each other. I don’t believe it, since OK! is always suspect but I get why this one looked good as a make-a-story. She likes a guy with an accent. And it’s not like, around him, she would have to mute her status the way, um, she may have had to with Chris Martin’s delicate and tender lead singer ego. That’s not to say that Liam doesn’t have an ego either, but his insecurity issues might just be confined to his relationship with his big and bigger brother, Chris. Besides, Liam’s not unfamiliar with dating a massive personality. He almost married Miley.

Still… it’s OK! Magazine. And two weeks ago, STAR Magazine was saying that he was trying to get with Megan Fox. And before that he was linked to his Independence Day co-star Maika Monroe. So I’m waving this one off. Also, I’ve been trying to Gossip Genie-ing Jennifer Lawrence and Michael B Jordan. You’re with me on this, right? He’s coming up next.

PS. Her hair and makeup have been really, really strong the last couple of weeks, especially with the red lip.