When I first posted about Jennifer Lawrence’s new short hair last week (click here for a refresher) I called it news anchor hair, which means I wasn’t really feeling it.  It’s not growing on me. In fact, I dislike it more every time I see her. And normally I love short hair. Loved it when Anne Hathaway did it, loved it when Miley Cyrus did it, loved it when Charlize Theron did it, always love it on Halle Berry. Not sure if it’s the cut, like short hair styled at the mall, or if it’s just that it doesn’t suit her. Then again, everyone has to try it once, right? She’s at the perfect age for it.

I’m not sure what’s happening with this dress though. Doesn’t look like it fits properly. Starts out like a prom dress and then decides midway down the skirt to grow some Smarties inspired by Lady Gaga. Makes no sense to me why she chose it or why it was chosen for her. And I wonder how they’re dividing up the options at Dior. Between Jennifer and Charlize and Marion Cotillard, who gets to pick first?  I mean, are we looking at a discard from Charlize’s pile? It kind of feels that way, non?