Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr, and Ryan Seacrest were at the American Idol finalists’ party yesterday. People keep talking about the show’s declining ratings but they’re still averaging 10+ million a week. I don’t think that’s an emergency. And that doesn’t mean I’m advocating for its continued existence either. I’m just saying it still must be making someone some money somewhere.

It’s definitely making JLO a lot of money.

But I can’t decide about this eye shadow, whether or not it’s overkill or fine. I know she’s trying to bring out the silver detailing in the dress but I wonder if gold wouldn’t have been better. Under the light, the silver is reading with light blue tones, and, well, that just reminds you of 80s frost blue and prom dresses.

That said, it’s not enough to make JLO look bad. It doesn’t take away from how nice her face is.

So does that mean the makeup is working…or not working?