This song is a mess. I don’t even know what it actually sounds like. And they didn’t even have to sing live. But the music wasn’t the point. The point was her embellished tights. Also, Pitbull’s pants. Brazilian recording artist Claudia Leitte’s all like, hey what about me?


When JLO and the Mariah Carey of Miami are involved, what hope did she have? That’s how I think of him sometimes, Pitbull – the Mariah Carey of Miami. He’s such a cheeseball through and through you kinda have to love him.

As for all those rumours about JLO hooking up with that guy from Dancing With The Stars, Maksim, and my post yesterday about him not exactly being the High that I expected of her after the Low of the Slum Lover, suddenly so many headlines about him now, a fame bump by association. Sort of like Stacy Keibler. God, at this point in her career, does she really need to be doing those kinds of favours?